First and last name: Gosia Zychalska

Sex: from the birth of K;)

Education: higher (AE Katowice,
Marketing on domestic
and international markets )

Occupation: marketer, copywriter / webwriter

The biggest advantage: the ability to quickly acquire knowledge

The biggest drawback: taking over the stock;)

I Like:meat, drink from the cup tomato soup, white and green tea, dark chocolate with nuts, coffee smell, autumn and winter evenings spent at home, thunderstorms, smell of spring in the air, attract attention, surf the net, write, make plans and dreams, go to a party and play until dawn, play table football, sleep, look good, provoke, feel the advantage, read, watch pictures from before, all the animals in the world, my Max, “In the air tonight” by Phil Collins , Don Johnson in “Miami Vice”, anime cartoons, meeting people, summer in the countryside, shopping, Krakow, Kielce, Mielno, eye contact, driving a car, your friends, quick shower, oils and fragrance incense (opium, sandalwood, musk), emotions associated with new events, original people, take over initiative, dark eyes, the smell of a candle extinguished, heat,visit places from years ago, smile, feel satisfaction from a job well done and many, many more things …

I do not like: cigarettes, dill, cold, dirty shoes, no stretch jeans, feelings of helplessness, things that I can not influence, cunning, lack of sensitivity, stupidity, tears of loved ones, feelings of embarrassment, consciousness that everything goes away, biting , wool sweaters … That would be it. As you can see, I like more things;)